Complete Care Medical Management

At CCMM, we believe patients deserve to be treated with the care and respect we would want for ourselves and our loved ones. 


For years Cheryl saw family and friends abroad struggling to access appropriate medical care, especially when navigating the American medical system. 


Using the strong relationships she built with the local medical community, Cheryl founded CCMM to ensure the health and well being of those traveling to the U.S. for treatment. For the past 17 years in business, it has been her pleasure to support patients seeking a better experience of their medical care.

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My job is to take the fear out of the healing process and to help patients navigate the murky waters of the U.S. medical system. 

When I meet the patient and their family, I walk step-by-step with them through their journey, which does not end after doctors’ visits. It’s my job to see the patient through the process even after treatment. 

I really love what I do, even though there is sadness and frustration mostly with our healthcare system.  The patients aren't alone in this-- they always have somebody to call if something comes up. It helps me to hear what they think and feel; that way I can be a better support to them and with them.

--Cheryl Chamely,

Founder & Executive Director

Complete Care Medical Management